30 Days Returns Guarantee

UPDATED : 05/03/2019 02.05 AM

Customers can contact us within 30 days from the date of receiving item(s) except the Non-Returnable items. If you have received defective or damaged, wrong size or wrong product, please apply an after-sale service or email us immediately.

How to reach us:

For personal reason, please apply an After-sale service on Yoins account or contact our customer service and describe the issue in detail, including the return reason, along with your order ID and SKU product number.

For defective incorrect or not as described item(s), please send us a clear picture of the problem and then we will give you solutions.

Return steps:

① Apply after-sale service first. Please refer to [return application].

② Pack your parcel and ship it according to the guide.

③ Get a refund or exchange.


* All returns must first be approved by our customer service team. Please click shipping service for more details.

If have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service.

Here are the service entrances: Messenger / Live chat / Email / Call us(00852-21364966).


For after-sale and other questions.


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